Led rental cabinets R2

  • Led rental cabinets R2 series 500*500mm

    Led rental cabinets R2 series 500*500mm

    R2 series 500*500mm led cabinet is die casting aluminum , mainly used for rental events .cabinet weight is 8kg. It has straight and curve options .curve angle is ±15°.The power box is integrated and can be removed as a whole .It is very convenient and high efficient when the part component inside has problem ,we can change the whole power box immediately and make sure the events continue .the left and right module in the cabinet are identical .The cabinet is front/back access .the pixel includes p2.6,2.9,3.91,4.81 indoor and 3.91 ,4.81 outdoor . The module size is 250*250mm, every 500*500mm cabinet has 4 modules .R2 series use KCL power supply and NOVA receiving card with hub .the power supply can be plugged in and out instead of being fixed by screws ,which saves time and more efficient . Hub card design reduce the faulty because pin replaces cable .The up handle in the cabinet can be a fast lock connecting up and down cabinets as well as a lift handle ,but it is stronger than the normal fast lock . There is lift design on the back side of the cabinets , clients can climb on the lift and do maintenance when the stage has no lift.the R2 series can use 500*500mm together with R2 series 500*1000mm