Led aluminum cabinet 500*500mm

  • Led rental cabinets D1 series 500*500mm

    Led rental cabinets D1 series 500*500mm

    This 500*500mm/500*1000mm led cabinet is die casting aluminum , mainly used for rental events .cabinet weight is 7.5/12.5kg. It has straight and curve options .curve angle is ±15° .it is slim and light weight ,fast assembling and disassembling.It has multifunctional use,for example dance floor after adding acrylic and holder,and led sky .The cabinet is front/back access .the pixel includes p2.6,2.9,3.91,4.81,5.95 indoor and 3.91 ,4.81 ,5.95outdoor . these pixels use same cabinet ,means ,when clients want to change p3.91 to 2.9, then only need change modules ,which saves a lot of cost of cabinet . The module size is 250*250mm, every 500*500mm cabinet has 4/8 modules .the cabinet use KCL/G-energy power supply and NOVA receiving card with hub or without hub. This led cabinet can be used for rental as well as fixed installation . it is the most cost effective model .This public rental led cabinet can be delivered fast in 15-20 days and we have stock always. In addition ,this cabinet has corner protection design ,which can protect the corner modules from crush on the ground or other subjects .This cabinet 500*500 can be assembled together with cabinet 500*1000 and make different stage design ,also save the cost .