Customized-shape Screen

Different creative shapes made with led cabients/modules.indoor Fixed Led Screen,outdoor transparent led screen,transparent led screen installation,indoor Rental Led Screen,outdoor Rental Led Screen,manufacturer,supplier,factory,Exporter,price,Customized-shape screen means different creative shapes made with led cabients/modules, is a special shape LED display screen based on the ordinary LED display. Its size and shape can be customized according to requirements, so that the LED screen can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. Compared with the ordinary LED display, customized-shape screen can meet users with special needs. The appearance of the customized-shaped LED display breaks the rectangular shape of the large-screen splicing system, which can only be spliced into a cold ice. It can be arbitrarily spliced into various irregular shapes to display some creative content, which can not only attract the audience at the first time. The eyeball thus achieves a better publicity effect, and at the same time, it also better expands the application range of LED display splicing,bringing a different visual experience.


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