Fixed Led Screen

Fixed led screen is mainly used for advertising .indoor indoor Fixed Led Screen,transparent led screen installation,Fixed Led Screen,indoor Led Screen,indoor Fixed Screen,outdoor transparent led screen,transparent led screen installation,indoor Rental Led Screen,outdoor Rental Led Screen,manufacturer,supplier,factory,Exporter,price,It is fixed installation in a certain place and non-movable.fixed led screen has indoor and outdoor using,is mainly used for advertising.It is fixed installation in a certain place and non-movable It is often used in indoor conference rooms, outdoor shopping malls, roads, building walls, etc.At present, more and more large outdoor fixed LED screens have replaced traditional bill board in people's field of vision.Traditional bill board only can display a single piture one time and can not change.Fixed LED screen can display a colorful video with sound and changed pictures.Compared with the traditional bill board,fixed LED screen can display more colorful and vivid pictures instead of a single picure and deliver richer content,longer service life,can attracts people's attention and has a very good publicity effect.


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